Every artwork sold donates 10% of the purchase price to Take 3 For The Sea, helping foster plastic-free oceans. As of 2022, a further 10% will be donated to the Dolphin Project, assisting in the rescue and rehabilitation of dolphins. Your support also facilitates our own 'Tidebreak Clean-Up Project'.

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The Tidebreak Clean-Up Project

"After a storm, I always notice an increase in plastic pollution on the shore. It's the ocean's way of healing itself and, even though it's a small gesture, the least I can do is pick up the rubbish that has been washed up." - Shan McLoughlin, owner of Tidebreak


The Tidebreak Clean-Up Project is an initiative organised by Shan McLoughlin. McLoughlin visits beaches in the Illawarra and South Coast region in NSW, Australia, picking up plastics and waste washed up on the shore. From daily handfuls collected while on afternoon walks, as well as organised weekend beach clean-ups -

 Tidebreak removes approximately 5kgs of plastic pollution from our oceans every week.


McLoughlin is also an educator and embeds a sustainability focus within her teaching units. Contact Shan McLoughlin at shan@tidebreakart.com if you have any questions. Tidebreak hopes that we can all adopt a conscious approach towards plastic pollution when visiting a beach or waterway. Together we can help our planet and make a difference.


Thank you for supporting Tidebreak and facilitating the continuation of this ocean conservation project.


Shan McLoughlin, owner of Tidebreak

"I grew up on the South Coast and spent most of my childhood with sandy feet and a face turned towards the horizon. I started painting while working from home during lockdown in 2021. I had always loved drawing and everything creative, but painting really captured me - as well as giving me something to do in between online classes (I'm a high school teacher by profession). This new passion marked the beginnings of Tidebreak Art & Design. 


"In 2022, after a successful year of painting, I started teaching part-time and decided to take a leap into the world of beach accessories. Creating the Weighted Beach Towel was an exciting venture and it was incredible to see my designs come to life. I love the possibilities of art and design; a continually evolving field and passion. 


"When I'm not in the studio I like to spend time at the beach with my partner, Tom, and our dog, Archie. I also love travelling, writing, and freediving."


Contact: shan@tidebreakart.com


Articles About Tidebreak

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Tidebreak is an Australian company, so all paintings and towels will be delivered quickly through Australia Post with a tracking number. Items sent internationally may still be subject to COVID or holiday delays and will be shipped via Australia Post International with a tracking number.
Your purchase supports a clean Earth and is packaged in eco-friendly materials. If you purchase a canvas original, your item will be carefully wrapped in layers of hex wrap, an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap, as well as thick cardboard. I only use plant-based compostable sticky tape and mailing packages. You can be proud to know that your purchase supports marine conservation and is packaged in eco-friendly material.
I'm a small art business, so every order absolutely makes my day! I'm so happy to have so many wonderful people supporting me and from all corners of the globe.
Thank you!


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