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I am an abstract artist from Wollongong, Australia. My paintings are inspired by the beautiful beaches along the East Australian coastline. I feel so lucky to live by the ocean and spend most of my time sitting on the sand and staring at the water. It’s been such a fun experience following my passion and finding something which brings me so much joy. I’m still learning and exploring as an artist and enjoying every moment I spend with a brush in my hand.

My paintings are ocean-inspired and dedicated to animal protection and ocean conservation. I've spent time volunteering at Matang Wildlife Sanctuary, in Borneo, building enclosures and ensuring the wellbeing of the animals. I fell in love with the orangutans! I also donate a portion of my profits to an ocean conservation organisation, 'Take 3 For The Sea'. Scroll down to read more about how Tidebreak Art helps to support a clean Earth.

Articles About My Work

Ocean Conservation

10% of the price on all products purchased will be donated to 'Take 3 For The Sea'. Take 3 are an organisation who help reduce litter and pollution on our Earth's beaches and waterways. Their ideology is to take three pieces of rubbish from the beach whenever you visit the seaside. They're absolutely incredible! Take 3 run events and perform seminars at schools. They came to my school when I was in high school and I've been inspired by their passion and dedication towards ocean conservation ever since! The statistics about plastic pollution horrified me. My paintings are ocean-inspired and I hope that one day, our beautiful and mysterious sea creatures will have a pollution-free home. 

 Please message me if you have any questions. I hope you look into Take 3 and ensure you pick up three pieces of rubbish every time you visit a beach or waterway. 

P.S. Take 3 also have clean-up kits for sale on their website!

Read more about 'Take 3 For The Sea'



I use a variety of different painting materials when composing my art. I prefer to use acrylic paints and I'm also an ambassador for Riot Art and Craft

I use 100% cotton canvas which I prime and, when the piece is completed, finish with varnish. I paint around the sides of the canvas for a wrap-around look, so you have a choice regarding whether you wish to frame your piece. Some pieces do come with a floating wooden frame. Please read the description for each artwork, as I include specific details for the piece.

My artworks are completed over an extended period of time and are not mass-produced. You are buying original art which has been carefully painted in my small studio. All Shan McLoughlin, Tidebreak, pieces are completely one-of-a-kind and unique. 

If you have browsed a collection that is out of stock and would like to commission a similar piece, please contact me. I will not duplicate a sold Tidebreak artwork as all pieces are original. However, I'm happy to make changes and develop a commissioned piece that perfectly suits your home.


I'm located in Australia, so all paintings will be delivered quickly through Australia Post with a tracking number. Items sent internationally may still be subject to COVID or holiday delays (depending on when you purchase your artwork) and will be shipped via Australia Post International with a tracking number.

Your purchase supports a clean Earth and is packaged in eco-friendly materials. Depending on whether you purchase a print or a canvas original, your item will be carefully wrapped in layers of hex wrap, an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap, as well as thick cardboard. I only use plant-based compostable sticky tape and mailing packages. You can be proud to know that your purchase supports marine conservation and is packaged in eco-friendly material.
All orders also include Tidebreak presents, such as free prints, cards, and bookmarks. I'm a small art business, so every order absolutely makes my day! I'm so happy to have such wonderful people supporting me and from all corners of the globe.
Thank you!


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