An English teacher by profession, Shan McLoughlin has written many short works in the past. At the age of 18, she was approached by a publishing company and sold the rights to one of her stories. Finding her passion for writing once again, many years later, Shan McLoughlin is in the process of self-publishing her latest work, 'Glass Waves'.

Glass Waves novel.png

Glass Waves

A Shan McLoughlin Original Novel

A non-traditional narrative, 'Glass Waves' uses prose and poetry to capture mood and movement. The story follows Brooke, a young woman who suffered significant trauma during a near-drowning experience. Months later, sitting by an enchanted rockpool, she is sucked into an upside-down adventure under the sea. Drowned kingdoms and a threatening lunar eclipse lead her on a journey of self-empowerment and discovery.   

'Glass Waves' explores the destructive nature of the ocean. Breaking and eroding rock shelves; turning solid ground to sand and sea dust. However, the water can be healing and calm at times, too. Washing away damage and scars. The waves may drag us down, but they can also raise us up. This is a story of resilience and overcoming trauma.

To be released in 2022

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