'Beyond' is a beautiful abstract painting with a heavy pink and blue sky and calming seas. This seascape painting has a dreamy array of colours and looks stunning from afar and close up. The central colours are a mix of blues and pinks with fine details in the sky and water to create a peaceful feeling. The piece is ready to be placed on your walls at home and would be a beautiful feature piece in any room.


10% of the purchase price of this item will be donated to 'Take 3 For The Sea'. Take 3 are an organisation who help reduce litter and pollution on our Earth's beaches and waterways. Their ideology is to take three pieces of rubbish from the beach whenever you visit the seaside.


This art piece is made with acrylic paints and is on a stretched canvas (about 3cms depth). Please note that images may have slightly different colours depending on your device. 


The dimensions of this piece are:

Height 45cm

Width 35cm

Depth 3cm


This is an original Tidebreak painting, created in 2021.


Created with layers of acrylic paint, finished with varnish, and ready to place on your wall at home. All pieces are carefully sent in eco-friendly packaging with Tidebreak Art freebies. Your purchase supports a clean Earth. Thank you for supporting a small art business!


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If you have Instagram, please include your handle in checkout and I will update you on my page as the new owner of this beautiful piece 

Thank you!