Under The Surface

The 'Under The Surface' collection explores life underneath the water's surface. Each piece features a subject swimming through clear ocean seas. These paintings seek to encapsulate a mood of serenity and establish a sensation of weightlessness. The ebb and flow of the ocean can be calming and freeing. We are all connected on this Earth through the ebbing tides of our water and oceans. 

Ocean life is transient with secret journies. This abstract collection attempts to peer into the many mysteries of the sea. The paintings highlight the warm turquoise shades of water close to reefs and shorelines. 

Every piece is one-of-a-kind and a Shan McLoughlin, Tidebreak, original artwork.


Under The Surface

The Diver (January 2021)
Dugongs Swimming (Febuary 2021)
Shallow Seas (March 2021)
Deep Breath (March 2021)
Bright Rays (April 2021)
Reef Days (April 2021)